National ventilator challenge draws on deep supply chain networks

Nearly 40 Midlands companies have been making components

As widely reported, a consortium of UK industrial, technology and engineering businesses from across the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors has come together to produce medical ventilators for ventilatorchallengeuk and help the NHS fight the Coronavirus.

The consortium has now delivered the first ventilators, meeting the demanding specifications for a Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator System that were developed by clinicians and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

Penlon ES02 Ventilator Challenge UK 2

In addition to the well-known UK engineering companies that have received most publicity, a significant number of supply chain companies in other tiers have been instrumental in helping the UK meet the challenge. Many of these have been working night and day to meet the ambitious targets, some delivering tens of thousands of parts.

We’re aware of 37 companies (now 40!), from up and down the manufacturing supply chain, in the Midlands alone.

In addition to Rolls-Royce and Meggitt are many other brands that deserve recognition including suppliers of raw metals, makers of tooling for cutting machines, metal machinists, spring makers and companies putting special surface finishes on parts.

The vast majority usually supply the aerospace industry but others also supply the automotive and medical equipment sectors.

  1. A&M EDM
  2. Advanced Chemical Etching
  3. AE Aerospace
  4. Aalberts Surface Treatment
  5. All British Precision
  6. Alloy Wire
  7. Amphenol Invotec
  8. Arrowsmith
  9. Ashton and Moore
  10. Boneham and Turner
  11. CBE+
  12. Exactaform
  13. Gardner Aerospace
  14. G&O Springs
  15. Gould Alloys
  16. HK Technologies
  17. HSM Engineering
  18. Incora
  19. ITC
  20. JJ Churchill
  21. Manufacturing Technology Centre
  22. Meggitt
  23. Micro Spring and Presswork
  24. MNB Precision
  25. MP Engineering
  26. Nasmyth
  27. Poeton Industries
  28. Precision Micro
  29. Produmax
  30. Quick Release
  31. PK Engineering (WB)
  32. Reginson Engineering
  33. Rolls-Royce
  34. Schmolz & Bickenbach (UK)
  35. SL Engineering
  36. Staffordshire Precision Engineering
  37. Star Micronics
  38. Swiftool Precision Engineering 
  39. Technoset
  40. Trust Precision Engineering

If you’re not on our list yet, please let us know at and we’ll add you right away. We want to make sure every company that’s helping gets a mention!