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Our leadership community

Industry leadership and contribution

More than 50 people from across the Midlands aerospace industry serve on the MAA board or one of our three working groups that report to the board -- business development, technology development and supply chain performance. This number has been maintained since 2004, with the network contributing 1,000 person-hours of industry expertise every year to steering the MAA and helping deliver MAA activities.

As well as supply chain companies and industry partners, the MAA leadership group includes Airbus, BAE Systems, Collins Aerospace, Meggitt, Moog Aircraft Group, Rolls-Royce and Thales; all the major aerospace companies with facilities in the Midlands as well as some key players based elsewhere but that have a significant supply chain presence in the region.

This industry leadership network lies at the heart of the MAA's achievements.

MAA board

The major aerospace companies Collins Aerospace, Moog Aircraft Group and Rolls-Royce are permanently represented on the board by senior managers. MAA members elect an additional six directors for two-year terms. Other directors are appointed to ensure a variety of expert perspectives from across the broad Midlands aerospace cluster are brought to bear on board decision-making (e.g. local government, research and teaching bodies, trade union).


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MAA working groups

Our working groups are made up of experts from industry and partner organisations. These groups work with the MAA Board and team on the development and execution of the MAA strategy. Their role is to represent the diversity of the MAA membership and act as a voice for members, highlighting key areas of member interest or concern and advising how the MAA can best support member aspirations.

 MAA Business Development Group

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MAA Technology Development Group

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MAA Supply Chain Performance Group

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