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20 MAA members meet major Chinese aero engine company

MAA member companies have met with AVIC Commercial Aircraft Engine Company 

MAA member companies have met with AVIC Commercial Aircraft Engine Company to discuss new business opportunities on ACAE's new large civil engine development programme. The MAA and ACAE exchanged information about requirements and capabilities before more than 20 1-to-1 B2B meetings (pictured below).

One member commented: "the MAA has shown again what a great network it has, bringing together a major global aerospace company with an excellent group of Midlands manufacturers and engineers."

MAA Chief Executive Andrew Mair said: "I think we have convinced our Chinese counterparts there is a well of expertise in the Midlands they can draw on for their development and production programmes."

These ACAE-MAA meetings were a direct follow-on from an in-depth workshop on Midlands and UK aerospace supply chain capabilities Mair ran in 2012 with a group of senior AVIC executives from across the company's aerospace divisions. 

ACAE also has strong research collaboration links to the University of Nottingham (click here), where several of its employees are enrolled as postgraduate students.

In addition, on this visit to the Midlands, the ACAE team visited a number of MAA member company sites to follow up on contacts they had made previously.

ACAE MAA meetings

MAA member meets AVIC