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TextureJet wins ‘Pivot into Space’ grant

They provide surface processing solutions to reduce cost and environmental impact

TextureJet has won a grant from the Midlands Aerospace Alliance’s Pivot into Space Programme to develop its new ArcSlice® technology. This Programme, which helps companies transition into the space sector, is funded by the UK Space Agency.

Aerospace, and other high value manufacturing industries are always looking to maximise efficiency and increase sustainability. Materials such as polymer-based composites are therefore increasingly attractive, due to their high strength and low weight properties. However, this type of material can be challenging to bond…enter ArcSlice®!

ArcSlice®, a patented technology, is unique in that it can deliver scalable surface processing of non-conductive materials in-situ, unlike other technologies commonly found in aerospace. This is a key benefit as it maximises efficiency and increases sustainability in both production and service.

Current methods of surface processing have many problems, including poor repeatability, contamination, high skill requirements and manual intervention meaning that alternatives are widely sought. ArcSlice® is intended to provide a superior alternative to these current technologies for preparing polymer-based composite materials for bonding or coating. It will deliver a clean, low environmental impact, low cost, repeatable, automated and highspeed solution which can help to increase composite use in space applications and lower the cost of manufacturing through targeted surface processing.

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