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Quest Global honored with Raytheon Technologies Premier Award

Quest Global is one of the world’s leading engineering services firms

The selection of Quest Global to receive the Premier Award underscores the company’s continued commitment to excellence and its ability to surpass expectations in delivering innovative solutions and cost-effective services. By consistently providing exceptional value, Quest Global has set itself apart from its peers and earned this well-deserved recognition.

Quest Global’s achievement can be attributed to its unwavering dedication to collaboration, productivity improvements, and the delivery of high-quality support to Raytheon Technologies. Through its cost-effective solutions and a focus on enhancing productivity, Quest Global has made a significant difference for its clients and has consistently exceeded performance expectations.

Commenting on the award, Andrew Lewis, Global Business Head (Aerospace & Defense), Quest Global, said, “It is an absolute honor to be recognized and to have received the Premier Award as part of the Performance+ Program from Raytheon Technologies. This award is a true testament to the successful partnership and collaboration between Raytheon Technologies and Quest Global. It is a great pleasure to work with a world-class organization and together provide solutions that advance technology and innovation in the Aerospace and Defense Industries.”

Quest Global’s steady commitment towards delivery and operational excellence has contributed significantly to its customer’s success across the globe. This prestigious recognition by Raytheon Technologies further underlines its ability to provide outstanding outcomes while ensuring unwavering quality consistently.

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