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East Midlands King’s Award winners unveiled

Zeeko Ltd has been awarded in the categories of both Innovation and International Trade

Zeeko Ltd manufactures corrective polishing machines for fabricating high precision optics, orthopaedic joints, semiconductor applications and precision moulds in a number of different materials.

Richard Freeman, managing director of Zeeko, said: "Our highly skilled and innovative team deserves this recognition.

"A high-technology manufacturing business rarely leads its competition by more than 18 months, so we are continually researching and innovating, both to grow and to protect our lead. This is evidenced by our exciting new dwell time hybrid grinding and polishing technology.

"We will always be grateful to the engineer in our research centre in Japan who, after observing an unexpectedly shiny finish appear after grinding the surface of a piece of silicon carbide, refused to dismiss it as a random event but instead investigated the phenomenon further. The SAG process is the result of that investigation."

The other four firms recognised for their innovation include Halo Solutions Ltd, a software company developed by a counter-terrorism police officer motivated to help after the Manchester Arena bombing, Whitehouse Construction Co. Ltd, which is behind a flood resistant door and gasket for domestic properties, and Winbro Group Technologies Ltd for its high performance, flexible manufacturing system for machining.

HSG UK, whose washroom innovation technologies reduce water consumption, save money and improve the environment, completes the winners for Innovation.

McGhee Investments Ltd, United Cast Bar (UK), CMS Cepcor Ltd, Doff Portland, Matrix Corp. Pvt Ltd, Heraeus Electro-Nite (UK) Ltd, Devol Kitchens Ltd, Halliday Lighting, Learn Well Trading, NMS International Group, have all been awarded in the International Trade category.

They are accompanied by drinks giant Global Brands, which is behind brands such as Franklin & Sons, Hooch and VK.

Winning for Sustainable Development is ML Operations Ltd, trading as Midland Lead, a manufacturer of recycled lead sheets.

Meanwhile, Rockleigh Ltd, a tree surgery and landscape maintenance business, has taken home the Promoting Opportunity award.

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