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Reflecting on a Remarkable 2023 at SBR (Southbourne Rubber)

MD Stephen Wilde reflected on SBR’s achievements last year

As we entered 2024 our MD Stephen Wilde reflected on SBR’s achievements last year - a year of growth, innovation and sustainability.

Our 2023 highlights:

Sustained Growth & Transformation

Our commitment to excellence propelled us to maintain an impressive growth rate throughout the year. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team, SBR continues to thrive in the market.

Team Expansion

Welcoming six new members to our SBR family has not only strengthened our workforce but has also brought fresh perspectives and talents, contributing to our collective success. We recognise the value of apprenticeships for the future of the company and, to date, we have employed 10 enthusiastic apprentices. Half have completed their courses and are continuing successful careers with SBR, with two now being promoted to directors; the other five are currently in the process of studying and gaining experience in our industry.

Revamped Facilities

We've invested in the future by revamping our facilities. These enhancements not only improve our working environment but also reflect our commitment to providing top-notch products and services.

Global Showcase at MRO Americas

Each April, SBR proudly showcases our products and services at MRO Americas, a testament to our commitment to reaching new heights and expanding our global presence.

Quality Standards Maintained

Achieving and maintaining AS9100 approval is no small feat. At SBR, we've not only met but exceeded industry standards while concurrently working towards SC21 approval.

Sustainable Initiatives

Environmental responsibility is a core value at SBR. Partnering with Positive Planet, we've conducted a detailed analysis of our carbon footprint. Collaborating with Ecologi, we are actively working towards reducing our emissions, with the goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Solar panels covering our roof space have been a great investment generating 55.8MWh of power in 2023, 67% used by ourselves, the rest being sent to the national grid. A fantastic 25% of our consumption is now from these solar panels.

By sending waste silicone for reprocessing we avoid landfill and enable it to be re-used and moulded into industrial and commercial products. It takes 6kg of carbon emissions to make 1kg of Silicone - by using the recycled silicone, we are reducing carbon emissions by 50%.

To further the use of recycled silicone we are currently working on a number of initiatives. Recently we partnered with our local council and a construction company to design and manufacture a product that would protect the public from protruding soil nails alongside a bridleway.

We welcome requests for products manufactured from this recycled material which is increasing in popularity all the time.

As we celebrate our achievements, it's essential to recognise the collective effort of our dedicated team and the partnerships we have built over the past months and years. We appreciate the support that working with the Midlands Aerospace Alliance offers us in order to enhance our knowledge and presence within the industries that we serve.

We look forward to the exciting journey ahead in 2024. 

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