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JJX introduce first all-electric vehicle

This is a landmark moment for the Midlands based logistics company

August has seen a landmark moment for JJX Logistics as we welcome for first all-electric vehicle in line with new sustainability pledge.

Having started out 26 years ago delivering by himself with a single rented Ford Transit van, this week marks a landmark moment for JJX Logistics and its founder John Joseph Donovan as the company introduces its first all-electric vehicle to the fleet.

“The world is all too aware of how big an impact the transport industry has on the environment, but we are fully committed to working towards a better future.” - John Donovan

Our new eco-friendly Mercedes eSprinter is just the beginning of a new corporate sustainability pledge that sees the company move closer in line with the European Green Deal. It also saw the launch of JJX's #DeliveringGreener campaign, building on the success we have had with #DeliveringSmiles and #DeliveringPride.

With heavy investment in fleet modernisation to industry leading fuel-efficient vehicles already well underway, this latest edition will completely revolutionise our final mile deliveries in city centres across the West Midlands.

As further breakthroughs are reached with more sustainable transportation backed up by a stronger infrastructure across the UK, our vision is to extend electric mobility to middle and longer distance delivery converting our already fuel-efficient fleet with zero emission replacements over the coming years.

You can read more on our corporate sustainability pledge here: https://www.jjxlogistics.co.uk/corporate-sustainability/