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£1.5m investment for Warwickshire based company

JJ Churchill have made £1.5m investment in new technology, new people and new systems.

The company is now well placed to meet the expanding opportunities across the European supply chain for engines for the next generation aircraft.

The new investment in Makino 5-axis VIPER CNC grinding capacity and a Doosan 5-axis machining capacity, linked to advanced information-management systems, enables the machining of complex, precision components in advanced nickel-based alloys.

At the same time the company has increased its headcount by 20% this year though, like many companies across the industry, it has found that highly-skilled engineers are a scarce resource. To address this challenge, JJ Churchill has adopted a twin-track approach of developing its existing workforce alongside putting engineering and process development effort into robotics and automation, to enable global cost competitiveness.


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Makino 5-axis VIPER CNC

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