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Learning from Meggitt

Inside Meggitt with the MAA

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Forty MAA members spent a whole day learning how Meggitt is reorganising its structure and operations and how to align their own strategies with the changes.

The intensive event incorporated a site visit to Meggitt Polymers & Composites Ltd (MPCL) including an extensive factory tour. See picture gallery below.

Ian Joesbury, President of MPCL, made the keynote presentation reviewing the Meggitt corporate structure as a whole. His colleagues delved into detail using MPCL as an in-depth case study, focusing on business strategy and engineering, management of organisational change, and procurement strategy. The Meggitt team answered visitor questions throughout the session and at lunchtime. 

The afternoon factory tour permitted small groups to learn about how:

  • MPCL's customer order tracking system has helped improve delivery statistics
  • factory areas are being re-organised to improve productivity
  • quality clinics are used to help employees improve product quality
  • the company is taking initiativess to involve all employees in improving factory safety.

In addition, the MAA visitors benefitted as follows:

  • their company capabilities were presented in an "Inside Meggitt with the MAA supplier capabilities brochure" published at the visit
  • copies of all Meggitt presentations were distributed to all the MAA visitors
  • following the event, when they had had the chance to absorb and reflect on the information presented, participants were given an opportunity to state succinctly what contribution their company may be able to make as a supplier, in a document circulated to key decision makers in the Meggitt procurement team.

MAA chairman Clive Snowdon warmly thanked the Meggitt team for their hard work in preparing for and organising the day, and for the company's willingness to share so much valuable information with MAA members. MAA director Ian McMurray, Meggitt Group Quality Director, had played a leading role which was much appreciated. More than 20 Meggitt staff were involved in the event. 


MAA member feedback

MAA members gave very positive views on the event:

  • overall I thought this was a very well run event; Meggitt were very open and welcoming
  • it fulfilled all my expectations
  • very impressive organisational development programme
  • I found the whole event very inspirational and would like to thank Meggitt personally for a great day
  • a very good day for my first MAA event and I will certainly be signing up for future events
  • the organisaiton of the event could not be faulted


Manufacturing at Meggitt Polymers & Composites

Meggitt Polymers and Composites

Meggitt Polymers and Composites 6 Meggitt Polymers and Composites 3

Meggitt Polymers & Composites makes seals used throughout aircraft 


MAA visit photogallery

Inside Meggitt with the MAA Ian Joesbury 2 Inside Meggitt with the MAA discussions
MPCL President Ian Joesbury  Q&A with Meggitt senior managers
Inside Meggitt with the MAA factory safety 2 Inside Meggitt with the MAA quality clinic
Improving safety  Quality clinic 
Inside Meggitt with the MAA tracking orders

Inside Meggitt with the MAA reorganising the factory

Reorganising the factory floor

 Tracking orders