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Loyalty is the winning formula for Midlands-based coatings firm

Indestructible Paint is celebrating a special milestone

At a time when employee retention is proving a great challenge for the manufacturing sector, Midlands-based coatings firm, Indestructible Paint is celebrating a special milestone – a quarter of its team have now been with the family-owned company over 25 years.

Indestructible Paint was delighted to thank the latest nine employees who have most recently reached their 25-year anniversary, for their dedicated service. The loyal team are instrumental in delivering great results across every level of the business from production to sales to senior management. They are the company’s greatest pride.

The Midlands-based company – which makes high-performance coatings that can withstand an incredible 1,000oC for use in aerospace, power generation and more – knows that keeping people as its priority is key to its winning approach.

By investing in skills and growing careers, the company keeps itself at the forefront of the competitive coatings industry while creating a place where people want to stay. The company’s highly-skilled team are constantly innovating and developing the latest solutions for the future, many of which are transforming the sustainability of the industry. Together, the team increased sales 20% last year with further growth on the horizon by the end of 2023.

“We’re proud to have a knowledgeable, skilled and loyal team making up the Indestructible Paint family,” said Managing Director, Brian Norton. “Investing in training and development over the years is invaluable for both our people and our business. As the company grows and orders pour in, it makes a big difference to have such a dependable team to deliver for our customers and develop innovative solutions for the future.”

Recent long service award recipients at Indestructible Paint include Alan Norton, Anthony D’Vaz, Gary Payne, Jean Coverson, Jill Jackson, Martin Davenport, Michael Norton, Pat Watson and Brian Norton himself.

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