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Importance of inspection to maintain quality in upturn

As the effects of the Covid pandemic eased during 2021, certain industry sectors saw a strong upturn in orders as some normality returned, reports quality management provider G&P.

It saw first-hand how for some sectors, the recovery was far stronger than expected and this put huge demands into supply chains that were not prepared for a return to that level of load.

As a result, G&P was approached by a number of manufacturing businesses, initially to audit supplier performance and expedite delivery of conforming stock to support increasing OEM build rates.

However, as build rates rose to normalised volumes, some of G&P’s clients saw a reduction in quality as the supply chain creaked under the pressure.

Meanwhile, consideration also needed to be given to working towards building increased capacity to meet revised demands in the future.

Two-Fold Solution

The solution from the quality management provider was two-fold.

In the first instance, where possible, G&P pulled orders forward where demand fluctuated below maximum capacity later in the year as a remedy to relieve immediate short-term pressure.

Secondly, G&P’s engineers then analysed the medium to long-term security of supply for the client facilities.

G&P examined hundreds of supply chain businesses by stress testing capacity plans at the OEM’s Tier 1 suppliers, as well as performing deep dives into Tier 2 and 3 dependencies such as sub-contract processes or raw material supply.

Where shortfalls in the suppliers’ ability to deliver at rate could be solved with investment, G&P included costs and lead time in our client report.

The solution is that through G&P’s analysis the client can be confident in the supply chain supporting their growth.

Detailed information

Through engaging G&P to perform this service, clients were able to get detailed information from a third-party, at pace, including gap analysis and costs to resolve identified shortfalls.

Clients received a detailed, but macro view of their supply chain, enabling confidence when accepting record orders for their products that their supply chain could support their growth.

Central themes

Overall, G&P’s role encompasses 5 main themes:

  • Protect clients’ reputations by ensuring that defects do not reach customers.
  • Reduce waste and cost in manufacturing by ensuring conforming build stock is available as planned, through inspection, measurement and imaging.
  • Resolve problems quickly and thoroughly using quality toolbox methods such as 8D to restore supply of conforming stock.
  • Audit parts, processes and facilities to minimise risk and ensure compliance to standard.
  • Analyse supply chains to smooth parts supply and establish capacity and capability on behalf of suppliers to meet current and planned future demand.

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