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New report reveals 62% of companies struggle to identify beneficial technologies

The digitalisation of everything

In an era where digital innovation is paramount, a staggering 62% of companies admit to not fully understanding which technologies can best deliver their required business benefits, according to Expleo's latest report. This revelation underscores a significant challenge in today’s competitive business landscape: the necessity for every aspect of an organisation to integrate and communicate effectively to promote constant learning, innovation, and enhancement of services and products.

The report, which delves into the intricacies of digitalisation and its critical role in modern business strategies, highlights the difficulties companies face in blending industrial capabilities with digital advancements. This integration, though daunting, is deemed essential for companies aiming to stay ahead in their respective markets.

Key insights from Expleo's comprehensive analysis include strategies on deploying the right technological solutions to meet business objectives, the importance of cross-industry collaboration in speeding up innovation, and guidance on how to seamlessly combine engineering prowess with digital expertise. These findings not only shed light on the common hurdles peers in the industry are encountering but also offer valuable perspectives from industry experts on navigating these challenges.

As companies worldwide strive to adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing digital environment, Expleo's report serves as a crucial resource. It offers actionable advice on harnessing the power of technology to drive business success, emphasising the need for a symbiotic relationship between digital and industrial processes. This report dives deeper into the industry findings so you can learn more about the challenges your peers are facing, as well as getting opinions from our industry experts on how to solve them.

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