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Aerospace UP hour: contributing to sustainable aviation

Brought to you by MAA and University of Nottingham


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You will be able to join this virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams. You can register right up to the start of the meeting. We will then send you a link to join.

(if you don't have Teams, you don't need special software, or to download anything, you will be able to join on the web in a couple of clicks; for any issues email joanne.cole@midlandsaerospace.org.uk)

The new series of Aerospace UP hour for 2021 is focusing on innovation and technology related subjects: R&D, funding, sustainable aviation, additive manufacturing, electrification, specialist composites, Industry 4.0, what help companies can get from the University of Nottingham and other research and technology bodies . . .


This week's agenda . . . how can we contribute to sustainable aviation?

Please help the Aerospace UP team define how the programme can contribute to making the aviation and aerospace industries more sustainable.

  • What can aerospace supply chain companies do, and what kinds of company projects could the programme support?

  • How can we best mobilise the University of Nottingham's excellent research resources?

  • What should be on the agenda of the MAA's planned sustainable aviation conference? 

In a different format this week, we'll set out some of the ideas we've been discussing so far, and then gather in and share your views based on your experience and knowledge.

More about the meeting

Come along with your coffee! Arrive early if you can -- like a "real" meeting -- to help us start on time. In fact, feel free to join from 11:15 onwards to say hello.

You’ll be able to send us your questions and comments and network with other participants during the meeting.

And, although the meeting is nominally an hour, we often stay behind for 15 minutes more discussion and networking, just like a normal meeting -- all are welcome!

(All that's missing is the biscuits!)

Questions before the meeting, or technical difficulties booking or joining?

email joanne.cole@midlandsaerospace.org.uk

Are you eligible for funding and expert support?

Why not see now if your organisation is eligible for funding and expert support from the University of Nottingham and the Midlands Aerospace Alliance under the Aerospace UP programme?

Click here to fill in the simple on-line eligibility check & enrolment form. In a nutshell, the criteria are:

  1. SME (business with fewer than 250 employees, turnover less than €50m)
  2. business address in Midlands.

For any questions about the form and eligibility contact Sarah Walker, ERDF Project Manager, Institute for Aerospace Technology, University of Nottingham - s.walker@nottingham.ac.uk.

Register now!