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Aerospace Up! hour: weekly forum for all things Coronavirus and beyond

Brought to you by MAA and University of Nottingham

AeropaceUP HR 

Our third "Aerospace Up! hour" is on Thursday 30 April at (one hour later than previously) 11:30-12:30. Please register below.

You will be able to join this virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams. You can register right up to the start of the meeting. We will then send you a link to join.

(if you don't have Teams, you don't need special software, or to download anything, you will be able to join on the web in a couple of clicks; for any issues email pamela.farries@midlandsaerospace.org.uk)


Come along with your coffee!

Here are the questions we’re going to look at in this week’s Aerospace Up hour, and the order we’re going to discuss them. You’ll be able to send us your questions and comments during the meeting!

  1. How is the Coronvirus emergency being experienced by a small aerospace manufacturer? -- with this week’s special guest Craig Fullwood, NPI Manager, MJ Sections and Director, Midlands Aerospace Alliance.
  2. Hear how other MAA members are experiencing the crisis and updating their business offering to support the industry. This week featuring JJX Logistics which has a very interesting perspective. Tell us, how can MAA members help each other during the Coronavirus outbreak? What help do you need from the MAA?
  3. More detail on how the Aerospace UP programme, the new programme with the University of Nottingham is going to help Midlands aerospace companies tackle the threats and opportunities of the Coronavirus crisis. And what’s going on in the MAA/MTC DRAMA additive hour on Tuesdays?
  4. With all the recent announcements, what can we now say about how the civil aerospace industry is going to change in the months and years to come? Q&A with Dr Andrew Mair, Chief Executive, Midlands Aerospace Alliance who's been keeping up to speed with world developments for you.

Questions beforehand?

email MAA Technology Manager pamela.farries@midlandsaerospace.org.uk



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