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Aerospace Up! hour: weekly forum for all things Coronavirus and beyond

Brought to you by MAA and University of Nottingham

AeropaceUP HR 

Following an Easter break, our second "Aerospace Up! hour" is on Thursday 23 April at 10:30-11:30am

You will be able to join this virtual meeting from this webpage: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting.

(if you don't have Teams, you don't need special software, or to download anything, you can join on the web in a couple of clicks; for any issues email pamela.farries@midlandsaerospace.org.uk)


You don't need to book, just come along with your coffee!

Here are the questions we’re going to look at in this week’s Aerospace Up hour, and the order we’re going to discuss them. You’ll be able to send us your questions and comments during the meeting!

  1. How is the current emergency being experienced by a small aerospace manufacturer? -- with one of this week’s special guests Jason Aldridge, Managing Director, Arrowsmith Engineering and member MAA Supply Chain Performance Group.
  2. How can MAA members help each other during the Coronavirus outbreak? What help do you need from the MAA? What should we be asking in our next survey?
  3. What help is available to aerospace companies from the University of Nottingham, the MAA’s partner in the new Aerospace UP programme?
  4. What do recent announcements by the major aerospace companies mean for the aerospace supply chain? – with special guest Alan Dunbar, Director, Aerospace, Thyssenkrupp Aerospace and chair, MAA Business Development Group.
  5. What’s going on in the MAA/MTC DRAMA additive hour on Tuesdays?

Click here to find out what happened at the first meeting on 2 April.

Any problems beforehand?

email pamela.farries@midlandsaerospace.org.uk