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Get ahead during this pivotal year

Tackle industry challenges and discover opportunities at our upcoming conference

Our latest conference, taking place on 19 March at the Rolls-Royce Learning and Development Centre in Derby, will explore how we can respond to key challenges in our industry in order to create stability and support growth.

Rolls-Royce Learning and Development Centre

Rolls-Royce Learning and Development Centre

2020 is a pivotal year. Although there was a decline in aircraft deliveries in 2019 in the wake of Boeing’s 737 MAX difficulties and there are a number of external threats to the industry, the overall orderbook remains robust and growth could recover with the right actions.

Businesses that tap into customer insights, responding to challenges and opportunities promptly, could gain competitive advantage.

That’s why companies from across the aerospace sector will be gathering at our annual conference to hear from industry leaders sharing critical market insight, current initiatives and opportunities.

Networking at the MAA Conference 2019

Networking at the MAA Conference 2019 

MAA Conference 2019

More networking in 2019


Joining our conference gives you the chance to get ahead of the industry by exploring key challenges and opportunities impacting aerospace companies, including:

  • How we can respond and manage risks associated with disruptions and technical challenges on key aircraft programmes.
  • How we can address concerns around climate change by developing sustainable technologies and making manufacturing more efficient.
  • How you can respond to rapid moves in game-changing technologies such as additive manufacturing which could lead to a radical transformation of the supply chain.
  • How you can prepare for any implications of the coronavirus pandemic which may disrupt air travel, affect global supply chains and hit the Chinese economy which has been a major driver of aviation growth.
  • How we can prepare for the unknown as a post-Brexit Britain is mapped out.

There will also be many opportunities, throughout the day, to network with companies from across the industry.

Find out more and book your place today here.