Aerospace growth too good to last?

Richard Aboulafia, vice-president of analysis for the Teal Group (pictured), says the continuous global growth in civil aerospace markets – so important to the UK industry – seems “impossibly perfect.”

Aboulafia will be a keynote speaker at the MAA annual conference at Rolls-Royce in Derby on 20 February.

The continuous global growth in civil aerospace markets – so important to the UK industry – seems “impossibly perfect”, says an eminent US aviation forecaster.

Richard Aboulafia, vice-president of analysis for the Teal Group, warns that “current relentless growth”, especially in the airliner business, will stretch production capacity in the aerospace supply chain.

Aboulafia, one of four keynote speakers at the first annual Midland Aerospace Alliance (MAA) conference in February, says the industry must invest in new capacity and skills to cope with growing demand. It must also continue to scan the horizon for the risks that could disrupt this environment, the timing of these ‘inflection points’, and whether the industry can eventually expect a hard or soft landing.

Beyond the short and mid-term issues, there’s always a question-mark hanging over how long growth can continue long-term,” say s Aboulafia. 

‘Aerospace futures, aerospace forecasts’ is the title of the one-day conference on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 at the Rolls-Royce Learning Development Centre in Derby.

Other speakers include:

  • Marcus Bryson, President and Chief Executive, GKN Aerospace -- also industry co-chair of the UK national Aerospace Growth Partnership and chair of UK aerospace trade association ADS’s Civil Air Transport Board
  • Pernille Boisen, chief procurement officer of Rolls-Royce
  • David Hygate, Director, Europe, TeamSAI -- expert in civil market forecasting and analysis, business strategy, aero-engines, engine MRO and marketing
  • Clive Lewis, managing partner of Achieving the Difference, a strategic marketing and market forecasting specialist

“Our speakers are leaders in the industry and experts in their fields,” says MAA chief executive Andrew Mair. “They’ll be presenting the aerospace industry visions and aircraft production volumes that every aerospace supplier needs to know over the short, medium and long-term horizons that are crucial to successful business strategy and planning.“The next two years will be pivotal for the health of our industry. Senior managers from Midlands and UK aerospace supply chain companies will find it invaluable, as will anyone who needs to understand how the aerospace business environment will evolve.”

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