Daher begins exciting new partnership

Daher enters into a partnership with Contextor, asserting its leading position in supply chain digitization


Already in the forefront of innovation in the automation of physical flows, Daher has moved to the next level with this partnership to automate a number of data processing and administrative tasks with an impact on supply chain performance, such as the management of procurement and flows. In this way, Daher is confirming its advance in the innovation and integration of the latest digital technologies for the purpose of improving its customers' industrial and supply chain processes. 

By optimizing processes and boosting their performance, the new partnership means that the teams at Daher will be able to concentrate on the most pressing concerns of its industrial clientele, i.e. the management of production and delivery times, quality control and inventory levels.

"A supplier of logistics and supply chain services to industry, Daher has always made a point of building the latest digital technologies into the services that it offers. We aim to keep optimizing our own performance levels and those of our customers. We track new technologies, including those developed in the B2C sector and apply them to our own practice areas. This ongoing search for the best innovations and partners has made Daher a reference name in supply chain automation and digitization," notes Hervé de Chillaz, Senior Vice President of the Advanced Technologies Business Unit at Daher.  

"For 15 years, Contextor has been working for major international companies – banks, insurance companies, firms selling complementary health insurance, telecoms operators and energy suppliers – wishing to automate their business processes. Our Robotic Process Automation frees their personnel from repetitive, tedious office tasks, making them more available to serve customers. So our automation solution fosters and accelerates corporate digital transformation. We are very pleased with this new partnership, which will allow us to reach the next stage of our business growth by collaborating with Daher on an application dedicated to industrial processes," observes Patrick Lemare, Chairman and CEO of Contextor. 

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