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What is SC21?

SC21 is a change programme designed to improve the competitiveness of the aerospace and defence industry by raising the product and service quality and delivery performance of its supply chains.

SC21 is largely about doing what we already do, but in a more efficient and coordinated way, with customers and suppliers working together under one UK-wide system:

  •  making certification and quality improvement (AS/EN 9100, Nadcap) more efficient
  •  using the same lean and business improvement tools (based on manufacturing and business excellence) across the industry
  •  improving relationships along the supply chain (relationship management matrix tools)
  •  recognising SC21 companies for excellent performance (bronze, silver, gold awards).

So, if your company is part of a supply chain, SC21 could help you win business by making you more competitive.

What can the MAA do for you?

The MAA and its Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) partners have secured funding and expertise to assist companies of any size to implement SC21 throughout the range of activities. Some examples of the assistance on offer:

  • Demonstrate a route through the process – this may include site visits, one to one meetings with senior management, delivery of information about SC21 to your company or senior management team. Just ask and we'll tell you more.
  • Help companies get started on SC21 – focusing resources on the initial stages of the programme from customer engagement and metrics alignment through diagnostic tools and producing an SC21 Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan (CSIP).
  • Facilitate supply chain cluster activity – offering support in the formation of cluster groups of companies within the region working together as suppliers to a key customer, or as groups cooperating to implement SC21 in their respective companies.
  • Delivering support for SC21 implementation – offering accredited deployment of the full SC21 framework from Business Excellence and Manufacturing Excellence to CSIP formation and award recognition. We can also support implementation of improvement projects using the whole suite of lean tools.
  • Train your organisisation to deploy SC21 – helping organisations to develop their own SC21 resources, providing individuals and teams the framework to become accredited SC21 practitioners themselves.
  • Act as a link to the national SC21 programme – providing valuable feedback at the national level, highlighting the successes and challenges faced by companies carrying out SC21 activities in the Midlands, giving equal voice to supply chain companies of all sizes. 

SC21 case studies

Select from the list below to read case studies from local companies on their experience of the SC21 programme, produced by MAS in the West Midlands.

 G&O Springs

 Arrowsmith Engineering

 Precision Micro

 Technoset 

SC21 Contacts

For more information on how to get help for your company, contact:

Midlands Aerospace Alliance

024 7643 0250

For information on SC21 at national level visit: