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At Rolls-Royce we design, develop, manufacture and service integrated power systems for use in the air, on land and at sea.

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Learn what it takes to supply indirect products and services to a global competitor like Rolls-Royce

You are invited to come Inside Rolls-Royce Indirect Purchasing with the MAA by:

  • Dean Fell, Head of Category Management, Group Indirect Purchasing, Rolls-Royce
  • Wendy Stopher, Head of Group Purchasing, Rolls-Royce
  • Andrew Mair, Chief Executive of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance.

Indirect Purchasing is responsible for buildings, machines and tools, consumables, engineering services, consulting, IT, office equipment and many other services. At major companies like Rolls-Royce, Indirect Purchasing can be as much as 25-30% of total external spend. At Rolls-Royce it accounts for more than £2bn of expenditure annually. Half the MAA's 300 members focus on the supply of indirect goods and services to the aerospace industry.

This one-day intensive site visit for a strictly limited group is designed to make sure you -- as an aerospace supplier or potential aerospace supplier -- have the knowledge you need to meet the indirect purchasing requirements of global companies such as Rolls-Royce.

The approach to indirect purchasing at Rolls-Royce is currently undergoing major reform, making this an apt time to learn more about the drivers and direction of the change programme.


Rolls-Royce Loughborough University

Rolls-Royce research at Loughborough University

New Rolls-Royce factory

New Rolls-Royce factory, Tyne and Wear


Rolls Royce Test Facility

Rolls-Royce test facility

Tansporting Rolls Royce Trent XWB

Transporting the Rolls-Royce XWB engine

More about Rolls-Royce Indirect Purchasing

The indirect purchasing team:

  • supports all business sectors: Aerospace, Marine, Nuclear, Land Systems and the corporate centre;
  • develops and executes group-led/sector agnostic category strategies, for example IT, HR services, engineering services, property, facilities management and consultancy services;
  • manages business-led/sector specific spend categories, for example production tooling and test equipment;
  • is globally dispersed but about 2/3 in the UK;
  • is implementing major reforms to structure, processes and systems.

What you will get on the day

Rolls-Royce and the Midlands Aerospace Alliance have set up a programme at Rolls-Royce in Derby to give you the facts you need so you will understand what it takes to be a supplier of indirect products and services to a global company like Rolls-Royce.

  1. In-depth knowledge about the structure of Indirect Purchasing at Rolls-Royce relevant to potential suppliers.
  2. A thorough understanding of how the Indirect Purchasing function operates and makes decisions.
  3. Meet and network with senior Rolls-Royce executives.
  4. Your company’s capabilities presented in an Inside Rolls-Royce Indirect Procurement with the MAA supplier capabilities brochure that will be published at the visit.
  5. Tours of Rolls-Royce's operational hub, technology development and heritage areas.
  6. Copies of presentations so you have a full set of notes (tbc)
  7. Refreshments on arrival and lunch
  8. Following the event, when you have had the chance to absorb and reflect on the information presented, an opportunity to state succinctly what contribution you believe your company may be able to make as a supplier, in a document that will be circulated to key decision makers in the Rolls-Royce Indirect Procurement team.


The agenda will give you a good opportunity to hear about and ask questions about subjects including:

  • Indirect purchasing categories and spend within each
  • Organisational structure of the Indirect Purchasing organization
  • How Rolls-Royce qualifies suppliers of indirect goods and services
  • What standards Rolls-Royce expects of indirect suppliers, and how performance is evaluated
  • Changes Rolls-Royce is introducing into its Indirect Purchasing function; tools and processes

8:30  Arrival with refreshments

9:00  Introduction to the day, Dr Andrew Mair, Chief Executive, Midlands Aerospace Alliance

9:10  Rolls-Royce introduction, Gordon Tytler, Director of Purchasing, Rolls-Royce

9:45  Business strategy, Carl Bourne, Vice President Strategy Analysis & Intelligence, Rolls-Royce

10:30 Break with refreshments

10:45  Research and Technology Strategy, Frank McQuade, Strategy and Enterprise Architecture, Rolls-Royce


Purchasing Overview, Wendy Stopher, Head of Group Purchasing Strategy, Compliance and Process Development, Rolls-Royce

Indirect Purchasing Overview, Dean Fell, Head of Group Category Management, Rolls-Royce

IPEX Programme, Daniel Tunnicliffe, Programme Lead, Rolls-Royce

12:15 Morning close, Andrew Mair, Dean Fell

12:30 Lunch and networking, Rolls-Royce Global Category Managers attend for networking

13:30 Workshop and visits, rotation basis, Global Category Managers attend for networking

  • Group 1 – Heritage Centre
  • Group 2 – Technology Exhibition
  • Group 3 – Workshop and Networking

16:30 Close



  1. Warning! This is not primarily a “meet the buyer” event but an excellent opportunity for you as an aerospace supplier to spend quality time assessing your company’s fit with the requirements of a global competitor like Rolls-Royce.
  2. Numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of 50, so book early to avoid disappointment
  3. The MAA in consultation with Rolls-Royce reserves the right not to permit some companies to participate in this visit, most obviously in cases of direct competitive conflict of interest.
  4. For security reasons, we may need to know your country of birth and nationality. Details will be supplied closer to the date.
  5. All money generated from your participation in this event goes towards the Midlands Aerospace Alliance, a non-profit organisation owned by its 300 members.

Delegate rates

Members of the MAA £250
Members of ADS, Aerospace Wales, FAC, NWAA, WEAF      £300
Other delegates £350


Want to be sure this event is for you?

The Midlands Aerospace Alliance believes events like these provide invaluable knowledge for aerospace suppliers. As a leading member of the MAA, Rolls-Royce kindly sponsors events like this as Meggitt, Moog and UTC Aerospace Systems have also done.

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Rotation basis (approx. 15 per group)

-        Group 1 – Heritage Centre

-        Group 2 – Technology Exhibition

-        Group 3 – Workshop and Networking


Events team

Michael Moreton

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