Two engineering firms combine engineering passion and focus on huge deal

Two Midlands based manufacturing and engineering firms are joining forces on a huge six-figure deal


Cube Precision Engineering Ltd and Salop Design & Engineering Ltd have agreed to collaborate in the field of automotive tooling, securing an impressive six-figure deal. The aim of the alliance is to incorporate the technical expertise of both companies into the planning and design and commissioning of the project to tight timescales.

The partnership was formed through a long-standing relationship between the directors of the two companies. Having met through their passion of manufacturing in the UK, particularly the Midlands, at the ‘Made in the Midlands’ peer group. ‘Made in the Midlands’ is a privately run group for MDs and CEOs within manufacturing and engineering firms.

The accumulated experience and portfolios of Cube Precision Engineering Ltd and Salop Design & Engineering Ltd complement each other to optimum effect. The combination of Cube, as an award-winning company which has extensive experience when it comes to automotive tooling and the design and manufacture of press tools, and Salop as a leading European supplier in the metal pressing and assembly manufacturing sector, resulted in them winning the project. The collaborative arrangement will also focus significantly on the strength of the relationships within the two businesses. From the engineers on the shop floor to the business owners. 

Chris Greenough, Commercial Director of Salop Design & Engineering Ltd commented: “We have been looking to work with Cube Precision Engineering Ltd for a while and are delighted that through the right project we have managed to secure this six-figure deal, that will bring together both companies’ expertise.

“The teams have now met, the project is underway and this will certainly be the first of many such collaborations.”

Neil Clifton, Managing Director of Cube Precision Engineering Ltd added: “We are excited to get this project underway and be able to collaborate with Salop Design & Engineering Ltd. This project involves manufacturing tooling to produce parts which are already in existence – by reverse engineering the current stock items we are able to manufacture the new tooling to achieve the current part tolerances”

“By working together we will be providing our customers with expanded engineering expertise, whilst showcasing our capacity, capability and confidence to produce tooling that can withstand the demands that are put upon automotive tooling over time.”

Cube Precision Engineering Ltd offers design, manufacture, tryout and sub-contract machining of press tools and associated repairs and modifications to leading automotive, aerospace and defence industries. 

Salop Design & Engineering Ltd are a privately owned, tier two metal pressing and assembly manufacturer. Over the last 50 years, they have grown to become the leading light in the sector, not only supporting, but promoting manufacturing to the next generation.

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